What Are Lectures Like?

It’s the talk of the town amongst students. Lectures are without doubt in a league of their own. But what is it that makes them so unique?

Gone are the days of sitting in relatively intimate classroom setups.

Transitioning to university is certainly an adjustment.

Arguably the most notable difference between uni and high school is just the sheer mass of people.

So it’s then no surprise to you nor myself that the lecture halls are going to be buzzing when you walk into them.

It’s absolutely crazy to see just how many people can be placed into a space.

It definitely provides perspective on just how minute a high school classroom is.

So let’s take it back to the very start of every class


The clock is ticking. There’s just 10 minutes before your next class starts.

Your heart is racing. Feet pounding and eye’s scanning your surroundings for the quickest route from one side of campus to the other.

Left turn, right turn, another right. No wait go back, it’s a left, not a right.

Down the sidewalk and take a sharp right, then scurry up the stairs and take the first available seat you can find.

Particularly as a fresher this is not an uncommon scenario to experience.

With the campus being as large and spaced out as it is, it is certainly recommended to wear a good pair of comfortable shoes to lectures.

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students rushing from one class to another

So now that you’ve found the correct lecture hall it’s time to


Given that some lecture halls are built to take 700 ish students, you’d think the task of locating an available seat a breeze.

I mean it has to be easier than finding the correct lecture hall, right?!

Turns out that there is an overwhelming amount of individuals who prefer to sit right on the edge of the lecture benches to be able to make ‘The Great Escape’, but that part comes later.

So now that you’ve found a bench that has practically no-one placed on it, apart from the genius who decides to perform a ‘road-block’ right on the edge…

photo of a packed lecture hall from the top left corner of the room

Now is the time to


Another piece of advice is to stock-up on some ice-breakers.

I’ve found that a well-crafted ‘Dad Joke’ tends to do the trick quite well.


Right so you’ve found a viable place to sit, you’ve broken the ice with your newly made friend so it is now time to


The end is in sight now and all you have to do is make it to roughly to the halfway mark and you should be set to take a seat.

Pro tip: mind your inner ankles. They tend to take a fair beating if you aren’t conscious of bench legs beneath the seating plank.

children's playground slides, bright yellow and orange


Consider yourself lucky if you have a moment or two to catch your breath before the unrelenting pace of work begins.

This will typically be in the form of:

  • Checking your phone
  • Chatting to your mates
  • Chatting to randoms in the hopes they become your mates
  • Taking out your books
  • Readying your stationary
  • Wondering why it is exactly that you’re sitting in class (we all have our moments)

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''why am i doing this'' written in chalk on a chalk board


There’s never been a more apt situation to use the saying ”hit the ground running” than when in a lecture.

You sure better have buckled up because the steam train (lecturer) will definitely leave you at the station if you are not on-board.

Between presentation slides that seem to disappear before your eyes and educators that speak faster than the speed of light, surviving a lecture is a commendable feat.

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checkered flag close-up


Now this phenomenon is one that I have certainly been intrigued by.

As a result of such, I have taken it upon myself to determine just how exactly one can measure the length of a lecture.

With countless hours in investigating this matter I have come to find the following:

The general formula for calculating the length of a lecture is given by:

Prescribed time – 5 minutes = actual length of lecture.

Despite lecturers’ best efforts, the tidal wave of eagerness for ‘The Great Escape’ amongst your fellow students will certainly override any captivating content that is being discussed.

woman sitting at a desk with her laptop and coffee and checking her smartwatch for the time

At last, we have arrived at the pivotal moment of any lecture


Remember those streetwise persons who sat on the edge of the benches?

Yes well, when it comes time for the lecture to end, their investment of constantly allowing others to shuffle into the row pays dividends:

They are able to make a beeline for the exits.

man running through a tunnel

Those who were not able to secure an edge seat on the other hand …


Now lecture halls would not be built for 700 people for no reason.

They are built for 700 people to accommodate 700 people, and so you can imagine that there will be a queue to exit the premises.

With this in mind, if you weren’t able to catch your breath before the lecture, use this time of waiting as one of meditation and just breathe!

long queue of people waiting to enter a building


I hope this post has helped you to reach some sort of understanding about what to expect from a lecture.

Whilst they may have their moments, come exam time you’ll be glad you attended classes.


What is the most comical experience you’ve had during a lecture?

15 Types of Students

One LIST of all the main TYPES of STUDENTS found here. Come take a look to see which type of student you are. Every class has at least one of every type.


The vibe at varsity is unlike any other. The energy and overall atmosphere is electric. Everyone feeds off of the unique traits that students bring to the university environment.

But the abundance of multiculturalism isn’t the only part that contributes to this lively environment. 

Every student brings with them their own life-story, views& opinions and passions.

University has a myriad of different personas that – quite honestly – can be tricky to register and understand.

So here are some of the easy to recognize categories that you’ll be sure to identify in no time:


So, you’re at University now.

The cultural diversity is immense.

Yet everyone has a common priority: getting a degree?


Every rule has its exceptions.

And so – ladies and gentlemen – introducing to you the PARTY-ANIMAL.

This type of student is a master of the art of getting ‘’lit’’. They know where all the best booze-deals are and when every happy-hour is.

If you’re looking to have a good time, be sure to bring along this contact of yours.

people dancing in a club with blue-green lighting


Somewhat contrary to the previous type, the study-bug is all about the books.

Be it rain or sunshine, day or night, you can be assured that this type is snuggled away somewhere with their books and a mug of hot coffee, or tea.

computer, iPhone connected to earphones, book and coffee mug on a tablecloth


On the note of dedication and commitment, we also have the athlete who is an all-out guru when it comes to their area of specialization.

These talented individuals have to be commended on their ability to pull off a seemingly impossible juggling act.



These students are definitely given a hard time with the ‘stigma’ they supposedly carry.

They are stereo-typically seen as the punchline of the joke when it comes to the demands of their degree.

BUT we all know that every degree is certainly challenging.

Whether said in jest or not, the stereotype packs a punch.

piece of paper with ''don't yudge'' written on it

5. IDK

Ahh yes, this type is an interesting one indeed.

How so? They simply don’t truly know what is going on.

These are the students that don’t really have a reason to be at university, but have joined anyway because of the relationship between societal norms and FOMO.

computer pointer touching a 'follow' button


If ever you have questions, turn to this individual.

They can quickly be identified in any given lecture: no sooner has the professor’s question been posed, and their hand is already launching into the atmosphere.

young adult man raising his hand at the back of a classroom


If there is anything that can stop the momentum of a lecture – dead in its tracks – it’s this individual.

Ever reached that point of stalemate in an explanation to a toddler?

i.e. ‘’But why?’’

These creative humans are categorized by their innate ability to leapfrog to tangents that are by no means connected.

human figure scratching its head holding a question mark


Got a deadline for a months-time?

For those of us that are of the typical student type, we will wait until the 3rd week before even thinking about the assignment.

But not this type. Before you can blink your eyes, their completion& submission of the assignment will all be in the past.

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checklist being ticked off by a marker


About that one-month deadline

You can expect this student to be pulling off an all-nighter sometime in the not-so-distant future.

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woman with afro hairstyle looking at a table and holding a mug in her hand whilst biting a pen


In fact, there is a conspiracy theory about this type:

Remember the IDK student?!

Well, rumor has it that THE SOLITAIRE and IDK are the same person

It makes sense that they wouldn’t know what was cracking if they constantly gaming in class.

deck of cards laid out on velvet clothed table


Why make your own food when you can buy it on campus?!

Don’t expect a dinner invite from this student anytime soon – take-outs are their M.O.

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takeaway meals in container on a windowsill


No need for noticeboards.

At the click of a button, this student will have the GPS navigation route, ready& loaded to get from class to class.

hands of a person holding a phone using GPS


If you haven’t yet had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing this phenomenon – consider yourself lucky.

This genius individual has managed to successfully re-invent the stink-bomb.

And it all starts with their tuna-filled lunchbox being opened in class.

tuna salad on white plate


We’ve said it before: university is filled with plenty of unique and dynamic people.

The commitment that this student shows towards leaving their epidermal footprint on the face of campus is truly remarkable.

black-ink footprint imprints

15. the wardrobe-wizard

Okay, now this student definitely didn’t get the memo.

Varsity is not a fashion show.

But that wont stop this person from dressing to impress.

No matter the weather forecast, you can sure of a 100% chance of catching them in their Sunday best.

feet of a male with brown dress shoes, and chinos rolled up to reveal multicolored striped-socks

and that’s that!

Now that you are aware of what to look out for. Go and explore your campus with an enlightened perspective.

Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you can recognize these characters.

I want to know from you:

Which type of student are you?


What is the strangest persona/ character you’ve seen in your varsity experience?

Let me know in the comments down below!