Finding the Right Side-Hustle for You

The internet can make it hard to decide: what side-hustle should I start? Play to your strengths and use this article as a guide to make your final decision.

Juggling between your academic, social, and family commitments as a student is tough.

It seems like there is often just not enough time available.

Not to mention you now trying to throw in another complexity of trying to find a side-gig that can give you a little bit of extra fat in your wallet.

But beyond just the financial upside to finding a side job, there are other benefits that include being able to boost your CV, gain invaluable experience – no matter the line of work that you end up in, and also the ability to connect with and meet other new people.

When it comes to finding a job though it can be a bit of a difficult process to undergo.

For starters, you have to be able to find a job, and in a job market that is becoming increasingly saturated every day, which is not by any means easy.

Then you also have to be sure that you at least are in some shape or form competent to be able to grab up the opportunity.

As if that wasn’t enough already, you also need to evaluate if the time investment that you will be making is going to be worthwhile or if your time is better spent on your books.

So as a way of helping you to navigate the job market and set you out onto a path of exploration, we are going to look at some of the ways that you can find the right hustle for you.

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But first, we need to look at the different


‘’Time is money’’

I am sure you’ve heard that before, but to be of more relevance to our academic context:

‘’Time is knowledge’’

And knowledge is an asset.

So if you are going to be investing your time into a job, be sure to weigh-up the ‘costs’ of both sides: job or no job.

yellow clock drawn on chalkboard with white lines going through it


Probably not the most realistic expectation to set for yourself, because being a student is a full-time job in itself.

It’s incredible to hear of students that are able to make this act work out for them, though if you are fortunate enough to not have to juggle studies with a career, don’t.

hands holding a tablet on a coffee table with a coffee

If not full-time then


Working part-time is quite an ideal situation for most.

It allows you to not be torn between your academics and work.

There is also a structure that is set up for you to follow and so it provides you with a sense of reliability in that you know exactly when you will and won’t be working.

team of young adults putting their hands into the middle of their group circle

Part-time jobs can be great, but if you are a student with an absolutely ridiculous schedule then perhaps consider


This category of jobs is ideal for those of us who just want to work on our own schedules.

The beauty lies in the fact that you have 100% control of how you organize and run your gig.

Freelancing as a type of hustle allows basically anyone to pick a gig and run with it as and when they choose.

Students whose schedules keep them bound and tied up, can look into finding a gig that is freelancing orientated as it will always be able to compromise for the sake of their academic commitments.

So now that there is a basic overview of job categories we can look into the different hustle opportunities that are available and relevant to our current circumstances.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that we are living through the day & age of internet real-estate.

Content Creators have saturated the internet with their thoughts, ideas, and passions all across the web.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t join in on it too.

piece of paper with freelance written on it

Let’s wind it way back and start off with the first boom of content creation


A classic example of grabbing a share of internet real estate.

This model is sometimes viewed as typically ‘outdated’ given that it saw it’s boom around 2002-2005 but that does not mean it’s too late to jump onto the bandwagon.

Building a blog is a great way to set yourself up – eventually –  as a landmark on the internet for your selected niche.

If you’ve got a knack for words or enjoy putting your thoughts down on ‘paper’ then this might be the right option for you.

Beyond just aligning your interests with your choice of direction, starting up a blog provides the opportunity for you to claim a stake in the e-commerce industry evolution that is rapidly catalyzing in today’s world.

 It’s an investment and therefore won’t happen overnight – monetization – but don’t let that stop you from the prospect of earning a passive income down the line.

laptop on a desk with 'be a blogger' typed on the screen of the computer

Maybe you’re not the Shakespeare of the 21st century and instead you want to consider


With YouTube gaining as much traction as it has, and the world now living through the video-age.

Starting a channel is a pretty good idea for those of you that want to be able to portray a part of your personality as well.

We spoke monetization on blogging and equally so with vlogging, there is monetization potential here for you too.

A big up to vlogging is that you can obviously advertise your merch or whatever product you come up with, without having to invest heavily into other forms of advertising.

man recording himself on camera for a vlog

We’ve covered, written and video so now it only makes sense for us to cover audio:


The business of everyday life is growing increasingly by the hour.

With all those extra tasks comes the need for multitasking.

Starting up a podcast now is a wise idea given that there are only upwards of around 600 000* podcasts out there today.

Compare that to the 600 000 000* blogs and it provides a fair deal of perspective.

You would be catching this tidal wave on the up.

If you are thinking about starting a podcast then start yesterday.

orange headphones and orange play button inside the headphones' loop

That’s enough content creation, for now, how about being an


The day & age of advertisements is coming to a close.

If you can leverage this fact against having a significant social media following then you’re in business.

The crucial part of this opportunity is aligning yourself with a brand that is true to you.

Manage this successfully and it will aid your marketing campaigns in the future.

influencer typed on a phone screen

Speaking of marketing


Yes, that’s right.

You can literally hire yourself out to consult other people on how to improve their social media feeds to amass greater followings.

This obviously requires a level of credibility and knowledge on how to do the above, but if you get this trick down then you’re in for a successful venture.

pink hashtag speech bubble against a blue background

You could also consider to create content for others’ feeds through


With the world of socializing undergoing such rapid change, many businesses are seeing the urgency of latching onto social media platforms.

If they are not on social then they won’t exist.

Because of this, they will need compelling and captivating content for their followers.

professional graphic designer working at their desk

On a slightly more ‘personal’ and academic level you can also look at becoming a


If you’ve got a strength or are passionate about a subject in particular then you could look down this alley for some extra cash.

This will by nature require good communicative skills, but luckily for you, those can always be worked on & improved.

tutor helping a student

That’s the academic side of things though. What if you’re more sporty?


This is a great way of meeting up & finding people that have the same/ similar passions as you do.

Begin in this line clearly means that you are by nature active, so what better way to do it than by also now getting paid to stay in shape?!

various home gym weights displayed against a blue background

And lastly, one that I think is going to become of more relevance to us as we progress through this pandemic is


There are people out there with health complications that will now be second-guessing whether or not to go out to the shops for the sake of their health – and anyone for that matter who is concerned about contracting the virus.

If you are able to offer a service to them that reduces the risk of exposure to the virus then you’re in luck.

Keep your radius of operations small and consider expanding the idea to a team that can maximize the efficiency of the operation.

man delivering groceries at someones front door


This is just a list of basic student side-hustles that you can look into pursuing. A little bit of extra cash always helps to shorten the length of the month, especially when you’re a student.

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There is a lot of negativity floating around amidst this pandemic, but keep your head on a swivel because there is & will continue to be a whole host of business opportunities that result from this current situation.


What side-hustle are you looking to start?