8 Simple Budget Hacks for Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is staple activity in day-to-day living. Because of this, it only makes sense to become a savvy shopper and learn how to save money on groceries.

Jumping into college can be seen as one of the first steps towards adulting.

As part of being in the world of adults and finding your feet in the real world there comes a whole host of new responsibilities.

One such responsibility is grocery shopping.

Because grocery shopping forms such an integral part of one’s university experience, and student budgets are as tight as they are it helps to be able to shop smart.

And that is exactly what this blog post is for, to provide some simple shopping hacks to save you money at the grocery store

1. don’t go hungry

You might be thinking that the reason behind a person grocery shopping is to be able to get food in the first place.

By this same logic then it would imply that there is no food at home to eat beforehand.

That’s where the strategic timing of going to the shops before your pantry is completely depleted comes in.

But alas, why do I recommend shopping on a satisfied belly?

Have you ever happened to notice the grocery stores’ enticing placement of all those sweet treats?

Waiting in line to check out your grocery items can be a dangerous place to be if you have a larger than average appetite and are ‘forced’ to stand in and amongst all those decadent indulgences.

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woman holding a giant cupcake and looking like she has eaten too much

2. grocery list

This has got to be one of the most underrated shopping hacks when it comes to groceries.

Have you ever been out to the store to grab a few items and then return home with some sneaky packages that you had no intention of buying in the first place?

If you put together a shopping list beforehand not only will you save yourself money, but you will save yourself time.

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3. collective of stores

So the fact is that its highly unlikely for any one store to offer competitive pricing across all of its products.

If you manage to do some shopping around across different stores then you can put together the combination of goods from different stores that give you the best bang for your buck.

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option a b and c

4. read the fine print

Right so you’re at the store wanting to buy yourself a block of cheese.

You have the choice between a 250g block or a 450g block.

The 250g is marked at R36, whilst the 450g is marked at R55.

The obvious choice is to go for the 250g block, right?


On paper, the 250g block is without a doubt cheaper.

Yet when you look at it on a rand per kilogram basis you’ll find the 250g block to be R144/kg versus that of the R122/kg for the 450g block of cheese.

Of course, this assumes one has the financial means to afford the bigger block, but if you do it’s a worthwhile investment for the long-term.

Though this strategy is not always the wisest.

It is all dependent upon your unique needs.

It would be pointless for a person who consumes on 250g of cheese a month to purchase the 450g.

Money would be wasted on cheese that inevitably expires.

read the fine print ahead is written on a road sign

5. the closing sale

Especially when it comes to freshly baked goods, a store will often mark down the unsold products in an attempt to clear their stock.

This is not a way of the store trying to get rid of substandard items, rather a means for them to mitigate their losses.

When it comes time for the store to shut its doors all those unsold goods are going to be ‘thrown out’ either to charity or unfortunately the rubbish bin.

The point is that they won’t generate any revenue from it.


6. shopping bags

This seemingly innocent expense at the checkout counter slips past the guard of many.

The price tag attached to these items is so insignificant that it rarely ever gets mentioned, but every little thing adds up.

If you’ve got bags lying around from your previous shopping spree then you’d be wise to use them for the next grocery store visit.

collection of different coloured shopping bags

7. tracking expenses

There is a saying that goes along the lines of ”what gets measured is improved” and that saying has never been more true than when it comes to personal finance.

Whether in the form of a budgeting app, spreadsheet, or bank statement, analyzing your spending habits can be the single greatest activity towards achieving greater financial literacy.

Chances are that you will quickly identify a few areas where you can draw back some money to be of better use elsewhere.

a work desk with a keyboard, coffee mug, glasses, notepad and pens

8. secret stash

It can happen where we find ourselves in a sticky situation at times where there is a whole lot of month to get through and not an awful lot of bank.

Be it in a dedicated savings account or even simply just a stack of notes in your safe or under your pillow.

Having an emergency fund of sorts, particularly for basic needs, will provide you with a great deal of relief when the budget becomes increasingly strained.

The key with this secret stash is to only use it when it is necessary.

And for when you do use it, it must be topped-up once again. After all, it isn’t a bottomless source.

bank notes stashed beneath floorboards


I hope you were able to find a tip or two to help you out on your next outing to the grocery store.

I am by no means a financial guru or anything along those lines, but I am passionate about personal finance and am always looking for better ways to use my finances.


Which of these tips have you already been implementing in your day-to-day grocery shopping?

Finding the Right Side-Hustle for You

The internet can make it hard to decide: what side-hustle should I start? Play to your strengths and use this article as a guide to make your final decision.

Juggling between your academic, social, and family commitments as a student is tough.

It seems like there is often just not enough time available.

Not to mention you now trying to throw in another complexity of trying to find a side-gig that can give you a little bit of extra fat in your wallet.

But beyond just the financial upside to finding a side job, there are other benefits that include being able to boost your CV, gain invaluable experience – no matter the line of work that you end up in, and also the ability to connect with and meet other new people.

When it comes to finding a job though it can be a bit of a difficult process to undergo.

For starters, you have to be able to find a job, and in a job market that is becoming increasingly saturated every day, which is not by any means easy.

Then you also have to be sure that you at least are in some shape or form competent to be able to grab up the opportunity.

As if that wasn’t enough already, you also need to evaluate if the time investment that you will be making is going to be worthwhile or if your time is better spent on your books.

So as a way of helping you to navigate the job market and set you out onto a path of exploration, we are going to look at some of the ways that you can find the right hustle for you.

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But first, we need to look at the different


‘’Time is money’’

I am sure you’ve heard that before, but to be of more relevance to our academic context:

‘’Time is knowledge’’

And knowledge is an asset.

So if you are going to be investing your time into a job, be sure to weigh-up the ‘costs’ of both sides: job or no job.

yellow clock drawn on chalkboard with white lines going through it


Probably not the most realistic expectation to set for yourself, because being a student is a full-time job in itself.

It’s incredible to hear of students that are able to make this act work out for them, though if you are fortunate enough to not have to juggle studies with a career, don’t.

hands holding a tablet on a coffee table with a coffee

If not full-time then


Working part-time is quite an ideal situation for most.

It allows you to not be torn between your academics and work.

There is also a structure that is set up for you to follow and so it provides you with a sense of reliability in that you know exactly when you will and won’t be working.

team of young adults putting their hands into the middle of their group circle

Part-time jobs can be great, but if you are a student with an absolutely ridiculous schedule then perhaps consider


This category of jobs is ideal for those of us who just want to work on our own schedules.

The beauty lies in the fact that you have 100% control of how you organize and run your gig.

Freelancing as a type of hustle allows basically anyone to pick a gig and run with it as and when they choose.

Students whose schedules keep them bound and tied up, can look into finding a gig that is freelancing orientated as it will always be able to compromise for the sake of their academic commitments.

So now that there is a basic overview of job categories we can look into the different hustle opportunities that are available and relevant to our current circumstances.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that we are living through the day & age of internet real-estate.

Content Creators have saturated the internet with their thoughts, ideas, and passions all across the web.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t join in on it too.

piece of paper with freelance written on it

Let’s wind it way back and start off with the first boom of content creation


A classic example of grabbing a share of internet real estate.

This model is sometimes viewed as typically ‘outdated’ given that it saw it’s boom around 2002-2005 but that does not mean it’s too late to jump onto the bandwagon.

Building a blog is a great way to set yourself up – eventually –  as a landmark on the internet for your selected niche.

If you’ve got a knack for words or enjoy putting your thoughts down on ‘paper’ then this might be the right option for you.

Beyond just aligning your interests with your choice of direction, starting up a blog provides the opportunity for you to claim a stake in the e-commerce industry evolution that is rapidly catalyzing in today’s world.

 It’s an investment and therefore won’t happen overnight – monetization – but don’t let that stop you from the prospect of earning a passive income down the line.

laptop on a desk with 'be a blogger' typed on the screen of the computer

Maybe you’re not the Shakespeare of the 21st century and instead you want to consider


With YouTube gaining as much traction as it has, and the world now living through the video-age.

Starting a channel is a pretty good idea for those of you that want to be able to portray a part of your personality as well.

We spoke monetization on blogging and equally so with vlogging, there is monetization potential here for you too.

A big up to vlogging is that you can obviously advertise your merch or whatever product you come up with, without having to invest heavily into other forms of advertising.

man recording himself on camera for a vlog

We’ve covered, written and video so now it only makes sense for us to cover audio:


The business of everyday life is growing increasingly by the hour.

With all those extra tasks comes the need for multitasking.

Starting up a podcast now is a wise idea given that there are only upwards of around 600 000* podcasts out there today.

Compare that to the 600 000 000* blogs and it provides a fair deal of perspective.

You would be catching this tidal wave on the up.

If you are thinking about starting a podcast then start yesterday.

orange headphones and orange play button inside the headphones' loop

That’s enough content creation, for now, how about being an


The day & age of advertisements is coming to a close.

If you can leverage this fact against having a significant social media following then you’re in business.

The crucial part of this opportunity is aligning yourself with a brand that is true to you.

Manage this successfully and it will aid your marketing campaigns in the future.

influencer typed on a phone screen

Speaking of marketing


Yes, that’s right.

You can literally hire yourself out to consult other people on how to improve their social media feeds to amass greater followings.

This obviously requires a level of credibility and knowledge on how to do the above, but if you get this trick down then you’re in for a successful venture.

pink hashtag speech bubble against a blue background

You could also consider to create content for others’ feeds through


With the world of socializing undergoing such rapid change, many businesses are seeing the urgency of latching onto social media platforms.

If they are not on social then they won’t exist.

Because of this, they will need compelling and captivating content for their followers.

professional graphic designer working at their desk

On a slightly more ‘personal’ and academic level you can also look at becoming a


If you’ve got a strength or are passionate about a subject in particular then you could look down this alley for some extra cash.

This will by nature require good communicative skills, but luckily for you, those can always be worked on & improved.

tutor helping a student

That’s the academic side of things though. What if you’re more sporty?


This is a great way of meeting up & finding people that have the same/ similar passions as you do.

Begin in this line clearly means that you are by nature active, so what better way to do it than by also now getting paid to stay in shape?!

various home gym weights displayed against a blue background

And lastly, one that I think is going to become of more relevance to us as we progress through this pandemic is


There are people out there with health complications that will now be second-guessing whether or not to go out to the shops for the sake of their health – and anyone for that matter who is concerned about contracting the virus.

If you are able to offer a service to them that reduces the risk of exposure to the virus then you’re in luck.

Keep your radius of operations small and consider expanding the idea to a team that can maximize the efficiency of the operation.

man delivering groceries at someones front door


This is just a list of basic student side-hustles that you can look into pursuing. A little bit of extra cash always helps to shorten the length of the month, especially when you’re a student.

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There is a lot of negativity floating around amidst this pandemic, but keep your head on a swivel because there is & will continue to be a whole host of business opportunities that result from this current situation.


What side-hustle are you looking to start?

The Side-Hustle Starter Kit for Students

For all the ambitious students out there, this article is for you. DON’T FORGET to think about these things before you launch your side gig.

It’s become quite a trend of late: Entrepreneurship

Add that to the fact that you are a student and a little bit of extra cash goes a long way, it sounds like the dream come true.

University is one of the better times to start up a side-hustle. You have arguably the most freedom you will likely get before getting involved in the 9-5 scheme, and you are surrounded by a whole bunch of aspiring professionals

There is no shortage of ambition in your immediate surrounding environment. 

One couldn’t ask for a more conducive environment to be placed in when looking at building-up a side-hustle. 

Besides the benefit of being placed in a conducive environment, there also isn’t necessarily any pressure placed on your shoulders

1. It’s a side-hustle, not entirely an entrepreneurial venture.

2. You will still be at university to work towards getting your piece of paper.

One of the few downsides to a failed start-up is possibly recovering zero of your start-up costs. 

Apart from that though, you’ve got ‘nothing’ to lose. 

With ‘being your own boss’ having such an established presence at the moment, the web is overpopulated with ideas for student side hustles, yet not many provide insight on things to consider before launching your side gig.

So that’s exactly what this article is going to aim to accomplish: things to consider before getting your hands dirty with the construction process of your startup. 

That said, the first thing you will want to do is 


Why do I want to build my side-hustle? 

It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that you have been somewhat influenced by all those countless entrepreneurship gurus across the internet.

But go beyond that, dive deep into your motivations behind wanting to create another income stream for yourself. 

If you can successfully outline this question, then you can direct the vision you have for your hustle. 

Having a vision is crucial to the success of your goals. 

Without vision, you won’t be able to correctly align your goals with the message you want for the ‘brand’ to carry forward as well as the atmosphere and feel to it. 

Don’t rush this first step. Take all the time you need to get your road-map crystal clear

But most importantly, by being real with yourself you will quickly be able to determine whether or not you are just jumping on the bandwagon or if you have somewhat ‘purified’ motives behind your drive. 

post-it note on pin board with what is you why written on it

Now that you have your ‘’why’’ mapped out, ask yourself 


You’ve got the ‘’why’’ now you’re just missing the what

What do I mean by ‘’’the what’’? 

Your passions

Figure out what you’re passionate about. 

The benefits to syncing your hustle with your passion/s are endless, but the major ones include: 

  • Being able to accomplish an authentic feel to your gig. Remember what we were saying earlier about ‘purified’ motives?!
  • Secondly, when the ‘tough times’ come knocking – and they will – having that innate drive to want to do something will help you keep at it and prosper through the adversity. 
  • Lastly, if you are passionate about something then it makes sense that you would naturally know a fair bit about your chosen field. Being knowledgeable about a field helps establish credibility and assert your authority within the given field. 
what are you passionate about is written on a road sing

Enough questions, now it’s time to start 


Right off of the bat, you’re going to want to be prepared for a long process

Like a very, very long process

Seriously don’t underestimate the time that this step is going to consume. 

There is a high likelihood that – if you are ‘really’ planning out your idea to the T – that this section of the job will become frustrating

This will be because you’re going to feel like you are making zero progress

But just like we said earlier, don’t rush the process. 

This part is going to be the most important because once you do launch, you’re going to hit the ground running

You won’t want to be playing the chasing game. That will be a one-way ticket straight to taking an ‘’L’’. 

Now as frustrating as what this process might become, you will thank yourself once you launch because with launching your gig comes another wave of stresses

Planning helps to best reduce the stresses you will experience. 

Though as important as planning is, just remember that you are not going to put together a flawless plan

Trying to perfect every little detail is going to eliminate any possibility of actually executing your idea. 

Put in the grind and then go with the flow.

diary, coffee and flowers are on a white table

One of the first things you might want to consider when planning your idea is it’s 


To win the jackpot you’ll want for your studies and side-hustle to be able to co-exist

The lesser the demand that your side-hustle places on your studies the better. 


It’s a ‘’side’’ hustle, not an entrepreneurial venture. 

We are not looking to start-up a business – at least not immediately – but rather just keep our bank account stimulated

Also, there are going to be times when you will need to compromise one for the other and you want to be able to do that and not be stuck between a rock & a hard place. 

If your idea is proving to not be the most flexible don’t just knock it entirely, play around with the idea and see how you can try and re-angle it to better suit your schedule. 

silhouette of a woman juggling 3 balls

In a different sense of the word – flexibility – you also want to consider the 


Right now, the world of business is caught up in quite an aggressive period of change

The business world was inevitably going to shift & change, but COVID-19 has certainly catalyzed the process. 

With this in mind, you want to ask yourself if your gig is going to be able to adjust relatively easily or not

The business world is ‘gradually’ turning a cold shoulder on physical aspects. 

It is being re-defined by a digital accent

How does your side-hustle account for this transition process? 

men shaking hands with a binary code filter over the image

Now that we’re on the topic of adaptability, we need to look at the 


We are living through one of the greatest technological tidal waves that mankind has ever seen. 

Anyone or anything that is going to choose to bet against tech will lose

Technology needs to be embraced

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that this tsunami is going to challenge and drown a fair-few industries

Be wise in your choice of industry. 

The value of clearly defining your industry will help you to accurately plan & execute your marketing strategy.

You will also be able to identify your target market & fellow competitors

On the topic of competitors though, if you can identify these key figures in your niche then you can use them as lessons to learn from. Find what it is that they do well and then add your signature to the ‘secret’ recipe.

little child's feet in front of a line with future written on it on the road


We have already hinted towards the point of establishing the 


By this, I am not just talking about external factors that will influence the timeline of your hustle. 

No no. 

Right at the start, we spoke about why figuring out your ‘’why’’ was crucial, because it quickly determines if you are trend-hopping

If you knowingly go trend-hopping then once your honeymoon period is over, your side hustle will soon crash & burn

Be honest with yourself about the level of commitment you’re willing to show towards this gig of yours. 

And even if you are trend-hopping – like producing face masks for instance – it won’t be successful unless you are committed and put in the work

decide commit focus succeed on wooden blocks with an ocean bacground

Now that you’re ready to get out of the starting blocks, it’s time to 


The key realization to come to terms with is that it takes money to make money

You will need to plug in some capital if you have any hopes of building up your side gig. 

But how much is it going to cost

Well, that’s where the research part comes in. 

Start-up funds are not always the easiest to get your hands on, but luckily for you, you would’ve done sufficient planning to be able to confidently pitch your idea to someone else if you need to have some financial help. 

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money bag in a persons hand with a blue background


The world of business is quite exciting. The thrill of the pursuit of making your dreams come true is quite exciting. 

I hope that you were able to get some worth out of this and possibly gain a little more insight about things to think about before starting a side hustle. 


Why do you want to start a side hustle? 

The Student Money-Making Mindset

We all want to be on the money-making stage. But how many of us think about what happens backstage? Read this for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at making money.


So, you want to know how to make some extra cash?!

No doubt you’ve been hearing phrases like:

  • ‘’ make money while you sleep’’
  • ‘’ be your own boss’’
  • ‘’ live the life you dream of’’

Everyone has that goal: make more money. Unfortunately, it’s a goal with zero direction.


Because few people allocate the time to thinking about their thoughts. If we can think about our thoughts, we can try to better understand ourselves.

This will help us to see why we have particular ambitions and also identify which factors influence us.

By putting time into thinking about our thoughts we can then try to develop the best possible approach to achieve our goals.

This approach is then tailor-made to custom suit your vision.



But few are willing to dig the foundation.

If you are reading this then you’re either in school or college, and so you – of all people – know just how crazy it is to try and manage your life with your current commitments:

  • Academics
  • Sports
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Significant other

And anything else that you passionate, driven people might have going on in the background.

The point here is that it is far from easy to make money as a student. We have tight schedules that are executed at high-speed.

Why is this important to take note of?

Because when our lives are in full-swing it will become tempting to say that you don’t have the time.

If you can confront this fact before you even get started you are already one step ahead.

To make matters ‘worse’, if you are wanting to make money then it will take money to start.

Above this is then the point of also investing in ‘sweat equity’ – and a lot of it. Sweat equity is the kind of investment that will be made by you in terms of your time and effort.

If you are looking to make a quick buck then this will probably break you.


Especially in your starting phases, there will be a huge imbalance between the rewards vs the input.

Be prepared to feel discouraged. Be prepared to experience forced patience.

The art of making money lies in having the endurance to break through the initial phases of nothingness.

piece of paper attached to string by a clothes peg with the words BE PREPARED written on it

If you can master the art of ‘the waiting game’ then I have some…


Anyone can make money in school.

This is the beauty of the world of money. It is a science a proven one at that.

It’s a matter of following the basic principles to the letter.

Spend less money than what you earn and you will have some fat leftover at the end of every month.

The sooner we can realize this, the more thankful our wallets will be when we decide to go out for ‘’Just 1 drink’’.

This is the very same rule that levels the playing field for all the ‘financial athletes’, as I like to call them:

You don’t need to have x-amount of ‘cash dollar’ in the bank to adopt & implement this practice.

Right now, you’re probably thinking to yourself that that is way too simple to be true. But it is – the very core of making money is as succinct as that.

Okay cool, so spend less and that’s it?


We here to figure out how to make money. Saving is just that little cherry on the cake.

stacked wooden cubes spelling out MAKE MONEY

Now that we understand the basics behind actually growing your bank balance the next part is all about…


It’s quick and easy to say that you want to make money.

But how often do we stop to think to ourselves about why we want to make money?!

This is important because not everyone will have the same reason behind their why.

As is with anything in life, there is never just one way of solving a problem or achieving a goal.

The destination might well be the same, but the journey that different people will travel to arrive at that same end-point will vary.

clock with ''time to think creative'' next to it with colorful arrows pointing to the writing

And those varying journeys determine the relevant strategies/ approaches that will need to be implemented to achieve the desired outcome.


  • Is it to have more spending power?
  • Is it to be financially independent?
  • Is it just simply to have a bank account that smiles at you?
  • Is it your way of providing yourself with a sense of goal achievement?

If you want to increase your purchasing power then you may not even have to look at making more money per se:

A simple evaluation of your current expenses and subsequent compromise may free up the required funds to purchase the next thing that your heart desires.

If – however – there is more substance behind your drive to making money then it is of value to you to continue reading this article.

man in suit staring at wall with multiple abstract icons on it

Now that you can have a broadened perspective on your why, next up on the list are…


Typically – as we discussed earlier – making money is mainly about just being aware.

If we are conscious of where our money is going, we can be more practical in terms of how we make use of it.

Having a greater awareness though about the use of your money is only a fraction of the bigger picture.

Making money is a marathon and so hindsight is probably one of the greatest assets you can utilize.

In today’s digital age, instant gratification is in surplus. This fact often then interferes with our ability to see the benefit of immediate small adjustments for the sake of long-term rewards.

Saving $1 today isn’t going to help much for tomorrow, but that same $1 saving on everyday habits come next year is suddenly looking a whole lot better at $365.

It’s great that we can have an increased awareness about our needs & wants but that isn’t going to help us much if we don’t correctly adjust them.

Because what good is it for us to be making more money if we just going to be ‘careless‘ about how we use it?

I am willing to bet that you’ll feel similarly to when you were making less money – that there wasn’t enough to meet your needs.

And ultimately it comes down to the simple mindset of living below your means to be able to free up some resources.

time to evaluate written on sticky-notes

Now that we’ve got the absolute basics behind a money-making mindset, next up is to…


If you know anyone or have been around anyone who is involved in the investment side of finance then you would be aware of ROI – return on investment.

This is a key factor that investors focus on when plugging capital into any venture.

Similarly, the derivative that is ideal for students – who want to make money – is to focus on ROT.

Return on time.

Why do I say this?

We are students and our priority is to get a degree – unless you’re the party animal.

Because of this, we need our side hustle to be flexible around our academic schedule.


And so, the area to target is that of passive income.


If there is any reason to BYOB: become your own boss, it should be the internet.

It is a total gold mine for money-making opportunities.

Whilst it might be a highly saturated business space, if you’ve got the commitment to push through the initial ghost town phase of any concept you might come up with, you will be rewarded.

It whittles down to how much sweat equity you are willing to put into your idea.

The hard truth is that your venture, 9 times out of 10 is not going to see any ‘real’ traction for at least the first 8 months.

Whatever grit and determination you show towards achieving that eventual traction, will bear fruit in time.

This is the precise reason as to why the internet is such a powerful start-up platform.

It has exponential traction growth, which yields passive income.

young man lying on floor with multiple notebooks in front of him

So that’s the foundation

Let’s look at a few bricks you can use to…



This has definitely got to be everyone’s favorite part of ‘money-matters’.

Fortunately or unfortunately though, it is a core part of finance.

It’s all good and well for us to have money-making methods to implement. But that wont be of any use if we haven’t outlined the current flow of our cash.

The bonus though is that once the initial hard yards are complete, the budget framework will only need to be updated every once in a while.

Cutting Costs

This is probably going to be one of the immediate realizations for you, once you’ve drawn up your budget.

You will quickly be able to analyze and identify areas of your expenses that aren’t exactly necessary.

This is an easy to implement ‘shortcut’ that over time, will prove to show worthwhile gains.

Reducing your expenses can be achieved through either taking a frugal approach or becoming a financial minimalist.

Frugality is all about trying to find the best deal at the best price. It’s the typical mindset of buy bulk & save.

Financial minimalism however is quite the opposite. Here the view of paying for quality over quantity is adopted.


Now that you have some extra cash leftover, it’s time to put that money to good use.

This idea has been flirted with from the start.

It provides a way of you knowing that you are adjusting your spending habits and can be quite motivating to look at every now& then.


For our slightly more adventurous readers, this alternative to saving might pique your curiosity.

The value here is that you are young and have the assistance of compound interest to balance out your ‘low-value’ investments.

If there is going to be an ultimate method of trying to beat the rate of inflation, investing should be your go-to.

Part-time Job

Admittedly, it might not be the greatest when it comes to offering flexibility.

A part-time job can certainly provide non-tangibleeducation’ if you look at things like customer service and time-management.

It will also boost your CV to be of more value to prospective employers by demonstrating credibility & reliability.

Side Hustle

If you consider yourself the captain of your own ship, then I’ve got a feeling that this is the perfect route for you.

We’ve spoken about the internet and it’s earning potential, IF you put the work in.

This is an optimal space for any student to turn to as it offers convenience.

Work from anywhere, anytime – what more could you ask for?!

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As in any sport or field, if you jump the gun you get penalized.

Too many individuals want to jump into the deep end by thinking about earning money during their schooling career.

They end-up having minimal clue of where to start.

This comes as a result of not having given thought to what the background of making money looks like.

Hopefully this post has been able to provide you with some form of substance and worth.

Your challenge now is to think about possible opportunities that you can take advantage of to make money.


Am I willing to commit to an idea for the long-term? Especially because I am unlikely to see short-term success?

Am I prepared to make the short-term sacrifices with hindsight in mind?

Do I understand that it takes money to make money – can I put my money where my mouth is?


Have you ever thought about making money in school or college?