What is Student Life like During a Pandemic?

We all know that student life is different to any other kind of living. Except recently, much has changed. So what does the new normal look like for students?

This is our story.

We have often looked back at points in time and thought about historical moments.

And we have also been reminded regularly, that we are literally writing history every day.

Though I don’t think that it has ever felt quite as surreal to us as it does now.

We are the 21st-century pioneers of being students – whilst living through a pandemic

With the responsibility of being a pioneer comes the given that we will make mistakes and we will learn a lot.

Because of this, it is only fair for us, the pioneers, to document this monumental point in history and let it be on record in the history books of the time.

The wisdom that we have gained throughout this entire season of our lives has been highly beneficial to us.

It is only fair that we then pass on this new-found knowledge to prospective quarantined students from the future.

This blog wouldn’t truly be a student-blog if we didn’t touch on the subject of


Now is there anyone else here that came into quarantine with high hopes, and full-blown confidence in their independent work ethic.

‘’I’m going to finally be able to get ahead of all my work.’’

Does this register with anyone else?

I too felt as though this whole pandemic situation would allow for me to get a step ahead.

But as I am sure you can relate, the daily explosions of announcements on the online portals soon put an end to that dream.

The concept of online learning is certainly a great idea. Allowing students to work at their own pace and formulate their own daily schedules.

Yet with all that extra freedom comes the right hook of self-discipline.

Studying on & off throughout the day certainly puts that trait to the test.

Woman studying at a desk rubbing her eyes from fatigue

Almost as much as the


I think it’s fair to say that everyone’s ‘long-distance’ relationship with their fellow fridge has significantly strengthened over the past while.

The refrigerator has become the motivation to move.

Room to fridge.

Fridge to room.



Man snacking out of the fridge late at night

On the topic of relationships,


The art and journey of friendship has truly been tested & revolutionized.

A huge shift has taken place and we have all entered a largely virtual realm of connections.

It is likely that friendships have been tested, strained, diluted, faded, transformed, constructed and reinforced during this time.

Smartphone showing multiple different virtual meetings

On the point of getting stronger, we need to also look at


As an over-exaggeration, there are 2 types of people in the world:

1. Those that started out with the motivation to get into their beach body.

2. Those that started out with the motivation to get into their beach body, and persisted.

On a slightly more serious note though, it’s been incredibly fascinating to observe ‘foreign objects’ being used as improvised weights and mechanisms.

Adding to that point is the emphasis that this pandemic has placed on looking after one’s body.

Self-care & awareness has become a widely adopted mindset which in the long term can only see to benefit our society.

Throughout quarantine and lockdown, it’s definitely been a thought on most peoples minds about whether or not society actually exists.

Towel, apple, water bottle, running shoes, headphones and smartphone on the floor neatly displayed

And because of this it only makes sense that we talk a little about


This chore has seen impressive growth in fondness towards the activity.

Being one of the few ‘legal’ activities to warrant leaving one’s home, it’s been mesmerizing to see how willing certain people are to get out of the house.

Extroverts we are looking at you!

Miniature shopping trolley on a colorful background

On the note of going-out, the current fashion trends must be mentioned


Acting on the recycling initiatives, various combinations of clothing have been compiled and worn.

If ever there was a time to see the true potential of one’s wardrobe, now would be that time.

Although the uptake in dressing fashion has been largely casual wear.

Reports have shown for some individuals to creatively build a hybrid appearance.

Smart + Casual = Smart Casual.

To all of our video conferencing users, you’ll know exactly what this means.

It goes without saying that these talented individuals have become masters in the art of smoke and mirrors.

Cupboard squares displaying multi colored scarves on shelves

On the topic of class acts though it’s only fair that we recognize the commitment of our


Memes are a staple in our daily diet.

It’s basically impossible to go through a day without getting your daily dose.

They are a mood booster and provide an essential release of hormones that make us feel good.

Given that we are living through quite a dull and somewhat depressing time at the moment we can be grateful for the meme makers.

With all the online classes that are happening nowadays, there is an endless variety of situations to make memes about.

It is fair to say that their production-line has been at an all-time peak.

The content is constantly being updated – it makes for a dynamic feed.

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Comedy spelt out with magazine cut-outs

The last point is the one about


This also seems to be one of the illusions that I cast onto myself:

‘’Now that it’s lockdown there is going to be more time to sleep.’’

And yet somehow the iconic afternoon catnap continually finds a way to evade pursuit.

Even worse are the sleeping patterns, one night is off to bed early, the next it’s pulling off an all-nighter and struggling through the new day.

I never would’ve pictured being ‘shorton time for when it came down to sleeping more.

Has anyone else been catching themselves, up at 1 am series binging or getting stuck in the YouTube trap for hours on end?

Lady watching Netflix on her smartphone


These are some interesting times that we are living through. There is a whole ocean of uncharted waters to explore.

This pandemic isn’t going to be suppressed for a fair while so we might as well work on perfecting our craft: student life during a pandemic.


What new skill have you acquired to make student life a little more manageable?

Power-House Productivity Strategies for Students

A list of 10 Easy to Implement Strategies for getting your work done sooner. Productivity is the name. Efficiency is the game.

As a student, the primary goal is to get your degree, obviously.

Though because of the energy, curiosity, and passion that comes with the life of a student, there is constantly a whole host of other ‘distractions’ that demand our attention.

Be it society’s, sports clubs or just popular social activities in general, there are always other things in our peripheral.

This can often make it difficult for us to be able to slot everything into our daily routine.

It goes without saying that the academic side of being a student is demanding.

It consumes a large portion of our day.

But what if there was a way to get work done sooner, without compromising on the quality of the final product.

Stick around if you’re looking for ways to work smarter and not harder.

First up, if you’re looking to become more productive then understanding what productivity entails is quite a crucial step in the process.

Simply put, productivity is all about being able to destroy a mountain of work, with zero to minimal disruptions to your work-flow.

Productivity is the name.
is the game.

With that in mind, the first thing to do is to


Between the night owls and early birds, there are plenty of hours in a day to choose from for when you would like to study.

If you are able to align the times that you like to study with the times that you – personally – are more productive then you have hit the jackpot.

Everyone is different and so right off the bat, find the formula that works for you.

tokyo, new york, and london timezone clocks


Yes, you want to become determined and deadset on accomplishing your tasks.

There is a saying out there that goes something like:
‘If you give yourself 2 days to complete a task, it will take you 2 days. If you give yourself 2 hours to complete that same task, it will take you 2 hours.’

The fact is that without creating any sense of importance behind the task at hand, you are definitely not going to feel in any way motivated to complete it.

labelled pieces of paper NOT SURE, IN THE FUTURE, IN TIME, NOW, NEXT WEEK, etc

Now that you’ve set yourself an admin demolishing mindset, the next part talks about


This one is definitely more of a luxury than anything else.

Personally, I function better when I can establish a separate environment for getting my work done.

The bonus here is that – if you are fortunate enough to make use of this opportunity – it can seriously help to subconsciously alert you that you are now in a ‘work environment’.

Having a conducive working environment is crucial to the topic of productivity.

It also allows for you to work towards setting up some office-orientated infrastructure like filing cabinets, bookshelves, desks, etc.

But again, it is a luxury/ privilege above anything else.

modern home-office space with desk and chair, laptop, and decorative pieces

So, you have settled into your working environment, but there’s still one thing left to do before you get going:


’’Did he seriously just tell me to switch my phone notifications off!’’

Contrary to popular belief, the world does not simply end when one decides to deactivate their notifications for a period of time.

Besides, if you are going to be hitting the books then chances are good that you won’t ‘’really’’ need your phone, especially for the social media side of things.

The #1 piece of destruction to one’s productivity is falling into the YouTube/ Instagram trap where you go on an aimless adventure for the ‘’10 minute’’ study break that you set for yourself.

And I think that is something we all can relate to – I know I’ve certainly been there before.

Great stuff, we’ve got our to-do lists in order now and we’ve set up our workspace for success, but our to-do list just seems impossible to conquer.

desk workspace with paperwork, laptop and notifcation alerts

Where do we start?


It is probably always the most difficult part about starting anything – starting.

Not to mention when you have a list of tasks the size of Mt. Everest that makes you feel like you’re going to fall off the face of the earth.

So why start with the little tasks first?

You’re going to need some momentum to get going and that doesn’t just happen. Momentum is a gradual process.

Whilst your list of objectives for the day may seem like a mammoth task, chances are good that you can shave off some of that mammoth’s fur by starting with the clutter on your list.

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to do list with three tasks

With the building momentum of cruising through tasks comes the danger of spreading yourself too thin.


It’s an addicting feeling: juggling 3 different tasks all at once.

To be honest it can make us feel quite unstoppable.

But it’s important to be aware that multi-tasking – although effective at times – might not necessarily be the most efficient.

woman multitasking many things at once, phone call, contracts, calculations, laptop

And so, you start rolling and cruising through your work, but then you hit a roadblock


If you can set yourselves some really nice incentives to work towards it can make even the most-dull of tasks a little more entertaining.

Be it a coffee break, going for a walk, watching a movie/ episode on Netflix, chilling with some friends, give yourself something fun to look forward to.

These positive reinforcements will help you to encourage yourself in the future to stay the course when working through some of your bigger items.

reward spelt on pin board with different coloured letters

Off the back of that last point is the next, and that is to


I am definitely guilty of this one.

Sitting down at the desk and progressing through content/ assignments is a marathon.

Burn-out is one of the biggest vulnerabilities we face.

Whilst it may feel like your work-flow is being disrupted to begin with, as you move further into your session these breaks will become your lifeline.

relax refresh recharge

If you are on a break then don’t feel shy to


The caffeine kick from this ‘’black magic’’ – as I like to call it – always comes in handy when I start to hit a wall.

Not only is caffeine a helpful stimulant when it comes to getting through those long study sessions, but it’s also a tasty beverage.

Who doesn’t like coffee!?

Just be aware that caffeine can have adverse effects on your health so don’t go overboard on its consumption.

cappuccino in a mug

If you do find though that you are needing caffeine to wake yourself up then maybe consider trying to get


The data is out there.

Having a good night’s rest in the bank for the times that you want to set a new PB for your biggest productivity session is seriously important.

And whilst it might be a bandwagon to jump onto about how little sleep you got last night, it ultimately isn’t going to do you any favors in the long term.

quality of sleep


I think we all wish that there was some kind of magic recipe to just make our to-do lists vanish into thin air, but unfortunately, there isn’t.
The goal is to produce quality without over-investing into the quantity of time spent on the completion of tasks.


What’s your secret ingredient to getting work done?

Simple Time Management Strategies for Students

We all want to get more done. Sadly, there are just 24 hours in a day. But, what if you could get more out of those 24 hours? Learn how to make the clock work for you.

So, as we all know, the schedule of a student at university is intense.

It is action-packed and it can become quite overwhelming when it comes down to having to juggle all your commitments.

Between your academic modules, the co-curricular, personal relationships, and just overall life, it is difficult to be able to fit everything into the same day.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but just bear with me.
I am definitely not wanting to drag this topic out any more than what it needs to be. It has been labored for long enough now so I’ll try keep this read short and sweet.

The very nature of university floats around the principle of flexibility when it comes to any aspect of structure. And so, with this in mind it can be something of an art to time-manage effectively.

So, what is the first step to take towards becoming a time management wizard?


We all have 24 hours in a day to get stuff done.

Yet some people manage to somehow find time for way more things than others.

How do they manage this?

They understand the concept of block time.

So, what is block time?
It’s a highly generic framework for how the average person might go about their day:

8 hours for sleeping
2 hours for cooking
8 hours for classes
2 hours for social
1 hour for exercise
1 hour for getting ready (showering, dressing, etc)
2 hours to study

When you add all this time up, you get 24 hours.

Now sure, you may well have other commitments in your life that are not mentioned in the above layout, but as a general rule it’s a pretty good starting point.

If you and I are strategic enough about how we juggle this framework I am confident that we’ll identify that we have a fair bit more time than we originally thought.

The beauty of time management is that how you go about arranging it is entirely up to you.


An obvious point – admittedly – but an essential one at that.

The first benefit of doing this is that you’ll firstly ease any form of lingering stress pertaining to the day that is to come in the morrow.

The last thing that anyone wants is to have just endured a stressful day only to then be met by another wave of stress at its conclusion.

Reducing your stress by planning the night before then also translates into increasing your chances of having some sound sleep.

And I’m sure that we don’t need to bring up the point of the importance of sleep.

There is almost no feeling that is superior to waking up on the right side‘ of the bed after a phenomenal night’s sleep.

The cherry on the cake is that by putting together a POA (Plan Of Action) for the day that is yet to arrive, is that you will be able to adjust to whatever curve ball life decides to throw at you.


So how do I plan for the day ahead?


Yeah, it’s a simple and underrated tip.
Not to mention that you’ve definitely had this tip thrown at you all too many times before.

But if you think of a to-do list in the sense of baking a carrot cake, you can’t bake the cake if you don’t have the carrots.

Because they are essential ingredients in the recipe.

Much like a to-do list is for managing your time.

Having a to-do list allows you to easily comprehend the tasks which you are yet to complete.

Being able to easily digest the information from your to-do list allows you to create a visual process of sorts for how you might go about your day.

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Great, I’ve got my to-do list but how do I know where to start?


Often times to-do lists can become immense to the point where you and I just don’t want to even entertain the thought of compiling a list.

The reason why many aren’t able to successfully execute their to-do lists is because they lack direction.

This is partly to pay to the fact of not comprehending the list that they’ve built for themselves, but also because they haven’t given thought to prioritize their tasks.

By identifying which tasks can be classified as important and other less so, you can strategically structure your list to better suit your day.

Prioritizing tasks also has the added bonus of providing a heightened sense of focus.

Being able to better focus on your tasks will allow you to glide through that list of yours in no time.


Okay cool, I’ve got my time management system in check and I am ready to jump right in.


This one is going to get a few raised eyebrows, but even just waking up 30-60 minutes earlier can make a significant difference to how much you are able to get done in a day.

There is nothing worse than having to wake-up and soon after feeling the build-up of stress.

Giving yourself just that little bit extra time can seriously help out with easing stress levels.

And if that isn’t enough of a reason in itself then getting up a tad earlier than usual gives you just that little bit of extra time to liberally explore other things of interest to you, without compromising your customized block time.

Linking to the topic of freedom is our next point and that is:


Beyond the given, that life is about as unpredictable as anything else in our world.

Being flexible with your day allows you to absolutely maximize every single one of the 24 hours in your day.

If you are running a busy schedule then it can be difficult to find yourself in the situation where you literally have blocked time to get your tasks done.

A more realistic scenario is finding yourself with bits & pieces of time here & there to dedicate towards various things.

The value in identifying these segments of time is that they have a cumulative effect.

Meaning that you can complete a big task in bite sizes and thus the previously intimidating task is now not-so intimidating.

But what do I do if I still am just completely swamped with things that need to be done?


Have you ever felt that despite your commitment to improving your time management strategies you are just not accomplishing anything?

In this case it is probably wise to see where exactly you are spreading yourself.

Just like we prioritized our tasks, the same rule can be applied to our commitments.
Granted, it’s likely that many of your commitments aren’t truly flexible and can’t be changed but that’s just the way it’s going to be.

Let’s focus on those things that we can change.

A lot of the time the pressure we feel is self-induced in the sense that we over-commit ourselves.
If you are feeling like you are being pulled in all sorts of directions then possibly consider looking at where you are committing yourself.



I hope that these few tips and strategies for time management have been of some use to you.
The challenge is to get creative with how you will go about shuffling and organizing your time.


What time management strategy works well for you?
If you feel like anything should be added to this list then let me know in the comments down below!

The Student Money-Making Mindset

We all want to be on the money-making stage. But how many of us think about what happens backstage? Read this for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at making money.


So, you want to know how to make some extra cash?!

No doubt you’ve been hearing phrases like:

  • ‘’ make money while you sleep’’
  • ‘’ be your own boss’’
  • ‘’ live the life you dream of’’

Everyone has that goal: make more money. Unfortunately, it’s a goal with zero direction.


Because few people allocate the time to thinking about their thoughts. If we can think about our thoughts, we can try to better understand ourselves.

This will help us to see why we have particular ambitions and also identify which factors influence us.

By putting time into thinking about our thoughts we can then try to develop the best possible approach to achieve our goals.

This approach is then tailor-made to custom suit your vision.



But few are willing to dig the foundation.

If you are reading this then you’re either in school or college, and so you – of all people – know just how crazy it is to try and manage your life with your current commitments:

  • Academics
  • Sports
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Significant other

And anything else that you passionate, driven people might have going on in the background.

The point here is that it is far from easy to make money as a student. We have tight schedules that are executed at high-speed.

Why is this important to take note of?

Because when our lives are in full-swing it will become tempting to say that you don’t have the time.

If you can confront this fact before you even get started you are already one step ahead.

To make matters ‘worse’, if you are wanting to make money then it will take money to start.

Above this is then the point of also investing in ‘sweat equity’ – and a lot of it. Sweat equity is the kind of investment that will be made by you in terms of your time and effort.

If you are looking to make a quick buck then this will probably break you.


Especially in your starting phases, there will be a huge imbalance between the rewards vs the input.

Be prepared to feel discouraged. Be prepared to experience forced patience.

The art of making money lies in having the endurance to break through the initial phases of nothingness.

piece of paper attached to string by a clothes peg with the words BE PREPARED written on it

If you can master the art of ‘the waiting game’ then I have some…


Anyone can make money in school.

This is the beauty of the world of money. It is a science a proven one at that.

It’s a matter of following the basic principles to the letter.

Spend less money than what you earn and you will have some fat leftover at the end of every month.

The sooner we can realize this, the more thankful our wallets will be when we decide to go out for ‘’Just 1 drink’’.

This is the very same rule that levels the playing field for all the ‘financial athletes’, as I like to call them:

You don’t need to have x-amount of ‘cash dollar’ in the bank to adopt & implement this practice.

Right now, you’re probably thinking to yourself that that is way too simple to be true. But it is – the very core of making money is as succinct as that.

Okay cool, so spend less and that’s it?


We here to figure out how to make money. Saving is just that little cherry on the cake.

stacked wooden cubes spelling out MAKE MONEY

Now that we understand the basics behind actually growing your bank balance the next part is all about…


It’s quick and easy to say that you want to make money.

But how often do we stop to think to ourselves about why we want to make money?!

This is important because not everyone will have the same reason behind their why.

As is with anything in life, there is never just one way of solving a problem or achieving a goal.

The destination might well be the same, but the journey that different people will travel to arrive at that same end-point will vary.

clock with ''time to think creative'' next to it with colorful arrows pointing to the writing

And those varying journeys determine the relevant strategies/ approaches that will need to be implemented to achieve the desired outcome.


  • Is it to have more spending power?
  • Is it to be financially independent?
  • Is it just simply to have a bank account that smiles at you?
  • Is it your way of providing yourself with a sense of goal achievement?

If you want to increase your purchasing power then you may not even have to look at making more money per se:

A simple evaluation of your current expenses and subsequent compromise may free up the required funds to purchase the next thing that your heart desires.

If – however – there is more substance behind your drive to making money then it is of value to you to continue reading this article.

man in suit staring at wall with multiple abstract icons on it

Now that you can have a broadened perspective on your why, next up on the list are…


Typically – as we discussed earlier – making money is mainly about just being aware.

If we are conscious of where our money is going, we can be more practical in terms of how we make use of it.

Having a greater awareness though about the use of your money is only a fraction of the bigger picture.

Making money is a marathon and so hindsight is probably one of the greatest assets you can utilize.

In today’s digital age, instant gratification is in surplus. This fact often then interferes with our ability to see the benefit of immediate small adjustments for the sake of long-term rewards.

Saving $1 today isn’t going to help much for tomorrow, but that same $1 saving on everyday habits come next year is suddenly looking a whole lot better at $365.

It’s great that we can have an increased awareness about our needs & wants but that isn’t going to help us much if we don’t correctly adjust them.

Because what good is it for us to be making more money if we just going to be ‘careless‘ about how we use it?

I am willing to bet that you’ll feel similarly to when you were making less money – that there wasn’t enough to meet your needs.

And ultimately it comes down to the simple mindset of living below your means to be able to free up some resources.

time to evaluate written on sticky-notes

Now that we’ve got the absolute basics behind a money-making mindset, next up is to…


If you know anyone or have been around anyone who is involved in the investment side of finance then you would be aware of ROI – return on investment.

This is a key factor that investors focus on when plugging capital into any venture.

Similarly, the derivative that is ideal for students – who want to make money – is to focus on ROT.

Return on time.

Why do I say this?

We are students and our priority is to get a degree – unless you’re the party animal.

Because of this, we need our side hustle to be flexible around our academic schedule.


And so, the area to target is that of passive income.


If there is any reason to BYOB: become your own boss, it should be the internet.

It is a total gold mine for money-making opportunities.

Whilst it might be a highly saturated business space, if you’ve got the commitment to push through the initial ghost town phase of any concept you might come up with, you will be rewarded.

It whittles down to how much sweat equity you are willing to put into your idea.

The hard truth is that your venture, 9 times out of 10 is not going to see any ‘real’ traction for at least the first 8 months.

Whatever grit and determination you show towards achieving that eventual traction, will bear fruit in time.

This is the precise reason as to why the internet is such a powerful start-up platform.

It has exponential traction growth, which yields passive income.

young man lying on floor with multiple notebooks in front of him

So that’s the foundation

Let’s look at a few bricks you can use to…



This has definitely got to be everyone’s favorite part of ‘money-matters’.

Fortunately or unfortunately though, it is a core part of finance.

It’s all good and well for us to have money-making methods to implement. But that wont be of any use if we haven’t outlined the current flow of our cash.

The bonus though is that once the initial hard yards are complete, the budget framework will only need to be updated every once in a while.

Cutting Costs

This is probably going to be one of the immediate realizations for you, once you’ve drawn up your budget.

You will quickly be able to analyze and identify areas of your expenses that aren’t exactly necessary.

This is an easy to implement ‘shortcut’ that over time, will prove to show worthwhile gains.

Reducing your expenses can be achieved through either taking a frugal approach or becoming a financial minimalist.

Frugality is all about trying to find the best deal at the best price. It’s the typical mindset of buy bulk & save.

Financial minimalism however is quite the opposite. Here the view of paying for quality over quantity is adopted.


Now that you have some extra cash leftover, it’s time to put that money to good use.

This idea has been flirted with from the start.

It provides a way of you knowing that you are adjusting your spending habits and can be quite motivating to look at every now& then.


For our slightly more adventurous readers, this alternative to saving might pique your curiosity.

The value here is that you are young and have the assistance of compound interest to balance out your ‘low-value’ investments.

If there is going to be an ultimate method of trying to beat the rate of inflation, investing should be your go-to.

Part-time Job

Admittedly, it might not be the greatest when it comes to offering flexibility.

A part-time job can certainly provide non-tangibleeducation’ if you look at things like customer service and time-management.

It will also boost your CV to be of more value to prospective employers by demonstrating credibility & reliability.

Side Hustle

If you consider yourself the captain of your own ship, then I’ve got a feeling that this is the perfect route for you.

We’ve spoken about the internet and it’s earning potential, IF you put the work in.

This is an optimal space for any student to turn to as it offers convenience.

Work from anywhere, anytime – what more could you ask for?!

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As in any sport or field, if you jump the gun you get penalized.

Too many individuals want to jump into the deep end by thinking about earning money during their schooling career.

They end-up having minimal clue of where to start.

This comes as a result of not having given thought to what the background of making money looks like.

Hopefully this post has been able to provide you with some form of substance and worth.

Your challenge now is to think about possible opportunities that you can take advantage of to make money.


Am I willing to commit to an idea for the long-term? Especially because I am unlikely to see short-term success?

Am I prepared to make the short-term sacrifices with hindsight in mind?

Do I understand that it takes money to make money – can I put my money where my mouth is?


Have you ever thought about making money in school or college?

15 Types of Students

One LIST of all the main TYPES of STUDENTS found here. Come take a look to see which type of student you are. Every class has at least one of every type.


The vibe at varsity is unlike any other. The energy and overall atmosphere is electric. Everyone feeds off of the unique traits that students bring to the university environment.

But the abundance of multiculturalism isn’t the only part that contributes to this lively environment. 

Every student brings with them their own life-story, views& opinions and passions.

University has a myriad of different personas that – quite honestly – can be tricky to register and understand.

So here are some of the easy to recognize categories that you’ll be sure to identify in no time:


So, you’re at University now.

The cultural diversity is immense.

Yet everyone has a common priority: getting a degree?


Every rule has its exceptions.

And so – ladies and gentlemen – introducing to you the PARTY-ANIMAL.

This type of student is a master of the art of getting ‘’lit’’. They know where all the best booze-deals are and when every happy-hour is.

If you’re looking to have a good time, be sure to bring along this contact of yours.

people dancing in a club with blue-green lighting


Somewhat contrary to the previous type, the study-bug is all about the books.

Be it rain or sunshine, day or night, you can be assured that this type is snuggled away somewhere with their books and a mug of hot coffee, or tea.

computer, iPhone connected to earphones, book and coffee mug on a tablecloth


On the note of dedication and commitment, we also have the athlete who is an all-out guru when it comes to their area of specialization.

These talented individuals have to be commended on their ability to pull off a seemingly impossible juggling act.



These students are definitely given a hard time with the ‘stigma’ they supposedly carry.

They are stereo-typically seen as the punchline of the joke when it comes to the demands of their degree.

BUT we all know that every degree is certainly challenging.

Whether said in jest or not, the stereotype packs a punch.

piece of paper with ''don't yudge'' written on it

5. IDK

Ahh yes, this type is an interesting one indeed.

How so? They simply don’t truly know what is going on.

These are the students that don’t really have a reason to be at university, but have joined anyway because of the relationship between societal norms and FOMO.

computer pointer touching a 'follow' button


If ever you have questions, turn to this individual.

They can quickly be identified in any given lecture: no sooner has the professor’s question been posed, and their hand is already launching into the atmosphere.

young adult man raising his hand at the back of a classroom


If there is anything that can stop the momentum of a lecture – dead in its tracks – it’s this individual.

Ever reached that point of stalemate in an explanation to a toddler?

i.e. ‘’But why?’’

These creative humans are categorized by their innate ability to leapfrog to tangents that are by no means connected.

human figure scratching its head holding a question mark


Got a deadline for a months-time?

For those of us that are of the typical student type, we will wait until the 3rd week before even thinking about the assignment.

But not this type. Before you can blink your eyes, their completion& submission of the assignment will all be in the past.

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checklist being ticked off by a marker


About that one-month deadline

You can expect this student to be pulling off an all-nighter sometime in the not-so-distant future.

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woman with afro hairstyle looking at a table and holding a mug in her hand whilst biting a pen


In fact, there is a conspiracy theory about this type:

Remember the IDK student?!

Well, rumor has it that THE SOLITAIRE and IDK are the same person

It makes sense that they wouldn’t know what was cracking if they constantly gaming in class.

deck of cards laid out on velvet clothed table


Why make your own food when you can buy it on campus?!

Don’t expect a dinner invite from this student anytime soon – take-outs are their M.O.

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takeaway meals in container on a windowsill


No need for noticeboards.

At the click of a button, this student will have the GPS navigation route, ready& loaded to get from class to class.

hands of a person holding a phone using GPS


If you haven’t yet had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing this phenomenon – consider yourself lucky.

This genius individual has managed to successfully re-invent the stink-bomb.

And it all starts with their tuna-filled lunchbox being opened in class.

tuna salad on white plate


We’ve said it before: university is filled with plenty of unique and dynamic people.

The commitment that this student shows towards leaving their epidermal footprint on the face of campus is truly remarkable.

black-ink footprint imprints

15. the wardrobe-wizard

Okay, now this student definitely didn’t get the memo.

Varsity is not a fashion show.

But that wont stop this person from dressing to impress.

No matter the weather forecast, you can sure of a 100% chance of catching them in their Sunday best.

feet of a male with brown dress shoes, and chinos rolled up to reveal multicolored striped-socks

and that’s that!

Now that you are aware of what to look out for. Go and explore your campus with an enlightened perspective.

Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you can recognize these characters.

I want to know from you:

Which type of student are you?


What is the strangest persona/ character you’ve seen in your varsity experience?

Let me know in the comments down below!

15 Major Differences between High School and College

Are you about to start college? Are you beginning your student life at university? Then this is a MUST READ article for you. Top-notch advice for new students.


If you’re reading this then I’m guessing that you are at that stage where you are about to start university.

No doubt it’s an exciting time for you. And starting your student-life should be just that, exciting. But starting from square one – with anything – can be quite stressful and cause a fair bit of anxiety.

Not only will you be starting off from scratch, but you will also be exposed to a new environment with a completely different modus-operandi.

And that’s exactly what this post is for: to introduce to you some of the changes you can expect when graduating from high school and moving to college.

After reading this article you’ll feel more prepared and ready to transition to your new student-life.



This is such a revolutionary advance in your learning process:

Previously in high school your teachers would make you aware of your due dates as and when they were nearing.

You were never really aware of the road that lay ahead.

In university you can access the bigger picture, at the click of a button.

Most, if not all universities, have student-portals where students can log in with their credentials and explore the entire academic curriculum for the module of interest.

loading progress bar for update


This is definitely one of the first advantages of being a college student.

You get to wear what you want, how you want, when you want. Nobody will look at you differently for having a unique taste in your dress-code.

The migration from a prescribed wardrobe to that of a carte blanch variety is really refreshing. Each day is something different: jeans and slops on one day, sneakers and tank tops the next.

Now I know exactly what you’re thinking: those are seriously strange combinations.

And you would be right, they are truly peculiar and ’unique’ combinations to assemble, but if there is one thing that you’ll learn pretty quickly, it’s that campus life is not a fashion show.

Remember what I was saying about nobody thinking twice about what you are wearing?!

If anything, the ultimate goal is to be as comfortable as possible because the days can be rather long at times.

And that takes us to our next point…

feet with red and white striped socks


As a fresher coming straight out of high school this is quite the adjustment.

Gone are the days of having x-number of classes with 1-2 breaks in between at regular intervals. Welcome to varsity. Where a 07.30 am – 17.30 pm isn’t exactly uncommon.


You can hit the jackpot. And have 2 or fewer classes in the day – sometimes none at all.

Be prepared for going from class to class, back to back with the odd break here and there…

almost empty hourglass


Common sense says that if you are spending more time in class then more work will be covered.

It is a reality that you will just need to accept.

It will take some time for you to adjust. Though the sooner you can, the better.

Because you get thrown into the deep end so quickly, begin to mentally prepare yourself for this change.

You will become swamped with work. You will feel overwhelmed at times.

To counteract this, try working on creating a system – that works for you – to manage all of your admin logically.

Trust me, you will thank yourself later.

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notepad& pen, iPhone, USB, stickynotes, pencils and keyboard neatly organised on tabletop


The days of sitting in a relatively intimate learning environment are gone.

A typical lecture can be upwards of 600 students at one time.

It’s busy and it’s packed. So, don’t expect the professor to explain the content in great-depth.

Typically, the lecturers will browse through the content, extract the information, and then simply highlight, and make you aware of the important sections.

The responsibility then falls upon you – the student – to go home and work through the content yourself.

empty auditorium with red cushioned seating


Bless the f-word. It’s the word that’s been on the tip of your tongue for oh-so-long now.

It’s is such a defining moment in your life as a student, and it feels bliss.

You suddenly will ‘actually’, have choices:

  • Do I want to go to class?
  • Am I going to study now?
  • Will I be ditching my 17.30 pm lecture?

I think you get the point.

It’s great, it really is.

But with all that freedom comes a whole host of other responsibilities

orange haired man holding poster with diverging arrows going opposite directions


Probably one of the biggest frustrations during your schooling career is just having to accept whatever material needs to be studied.

In college, there is such a wide variety of different courses to choose from. The keyword being ‘’choose’’.

Now I am not saying that everything you study will be butterflies and rainbows.

Reality check: there will still be content that you won’t want to study.


For the majority of the time it’ll be work that you actually may just find interesting and of some form of relevance to you.

woman having thoughts about herself in different career fields: businesswoman, nurse, chef, construction worker, doctor


If there is one thing that is going to hurt your wallet it will be this.

In high school you can buy a textbook for a pretty fair price.

University textbooks are a completely different story.

These things are expensive.

You can expect anything up to a 5x price-hike.

If you are ‘unlucky’ then it could even be more than that.

man holding bag of money near a bookshelf


This point in my opinion is actually one of the biggest advantages of being a student.

There’s no longer anything ‘special’ about you. You are just another face in the crowd.

So how is this exactly an advantage?

Well, for one it gives you the chance to start fresh, explore new things and meet new people.

There are endless opportunities to expand your social network and really just grow as an individual.

You get to focus on yourself.

Because of this lack of recognition, you’ll also find that this is one of the best times to try out new things because there is a somewhat impersonal nature about University.

Nobody is going to give you a hard time for failing to make a success of something new to you.

Your academics might be quite the opposite. In fact, in that area of your student-life you still might catch some flack.

blurred image of a large crowd


Naturally, some bonds will fade and others will form.

This is the ultimate time to create new connections with people: the majority of students are open and approachable.

Let’s be real, us youngsters are never ones to turn down the opportunity of making new mates.

Though this also bears a certain aspect of risk to it. Our so-called ‘guard’ will be let down which isn’t altogether a bad thing, but it certainly can allow for the opportunity for toxic relationships to brew.

So, I’m not saying you should do a full CIA-style background check on a prospective friend.

Because if there is one thing that will chase people away, it’ll be this – going FBI agent on them.

Rather just be mindful that you are now in the big world and there is a minority that doesn’t always have the best of intentions.

three young adults sitting on stairs with coffee in the hands whilst posing for a selfie


Wow, this is a big one.

We kind of mentioned it a little earlier as well, but it does deserve its very-own nomination.

The overall pace of life as a student is lightning quick.

You will soon reach the point where you identify that there just isn’t enough time to do all that you had wished to.

This is partly to pay to the fact that your typical day-to-day schedule is irregular. There isn’t any ‘’one size fits all’’ schedule.

What works for you on a Tuesday might not work for you come Wednesday.

It’s a highly flexible routine.

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hand holding a digital calendar icon


Now in high school you definitely would have had group projects.

So, this won’t be anything new to you.


Just know that a lot of the work in university ends up being group work – out of choice.

The content is already difficult as is, so having a pal to work through the assignment with you can only help.

Also, it helps to use it as an excuse for not wanting to work and rather socialize…

multiple hands outstretched on table holding phones/ coffee mugs in a circle


The size of the campus is enormous.

Be prepared to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk.

Get lost.


Pro-tip: Google maps can be quite helpful in navigating your way around the place.

Side note: I would recommend finding yourself a comfortable pair of walking-friendly shoes, because there’s a lot of that going on at university – you’ll see!

lady looking at a global map with a notepad& pen, handbag, smartwatch, phone and credit card laid out in front of her


Now school typically works in streamlining everyone according to their ages.

You move up in grades and 99% of the time everyone in your grade has the same birth year – barring 1 or 2.

University works a little bit differently. Here there is no prerequisite for how old you need to be to take a certain course.

Because of this, you can be sitting in a class with any number of varying ages.

The general baseline is typically 18, but that can then go on to any age you can possibly think of.

There really isn’t any time limit for when you can/ can’t be a student.

classroom with two young adults working at the back and an elderly working in the foreground


This is definitely a favorite perk for many students.

Your degree/ course is pretty much a full-time job. So you can imagine that it doesn’t leave much time to look at getting a side-hustle.

It’s for this reason that many different companies tend to offer discounts specifically aimed at accommodating students.

As students, we don’t always have the greatest flexibility when it comes to finances.

So initiatives such as student discounts are always greatly appreciated.

The notorious ”student-budget” is a real thing so you’ll want to make sure to save money wherever you can.

-10% red discount sign

And that’s university life, in a nutshell.

Obviously, there are plenty of other micro-differences between the 2 learning environments.

As a high-level-overview – for a prospective student – I feel like this is a good starting point.


Got any questions about anything – leave a comment and I’d be more than happy to help you find the answer.

Feel like I have left something off of the listleave a comment: I’m interested in hearing from you