What is Student Life like During a Pandemic?

We all know that student life is different to any other kind of living. Except recently, much has changed. So what does the new normal look like for students?

This is our story.

We have often looked back at points in time and thought about historical moments.

And we have also been reminded regularly, that we are literally writing history every day.

Though I don’t think that it has ever felt quite as surreal to us as it does now.

We are the 21st-century pioneers of being students – whilst living through a pandemic

With the responsibility of being a pioneer comes the given that we will make mistakes and we will learn a lot.

Because of this, it is only fair for us, the pioneers, to document this monumental point in history and let it be on record in the history books of the time.

The wisdom that we have gained throughout this entire season of our lives has been highly beneficial to us.

It is only fair that we then pass on this new-found knowledge to prospective quarantined students from the future.

This blog wouldn’t truly be a student-blog if we didn’t touch on the subject of


Now is there anyone else here that came into quarantine with high hopes, and full-blown confidence in their independent work ethic.

‘’I’m going to finally be able to get ahead of all my work.’’

Does this register with anyone else?

I too felt as though this whole pandemic situation would allow for me to get a step ahead.

But as I am sure you can relate, the daily explosions of announcements on the online portals soon put an end to that dream.

The concept of online learning is certainly a great idea. Allowing students to work at their own pace and formulate their own daily schedules.

Yet with all that extra freedom comes the right hook of self-discipline.

Studying on & off throughout the day certainly puts that trait to the test.

Woman studying at a desk rubbing her eyes from fatigue

Almost as much as the


I think it’s fair to say that everyone’s ‘long-distance’ relationship with their fellow fridge has significantly strengthened over the past while.

The refrigerator has become the motivation to move.

Room to fridge.

Fridge to room.



Man snacking out of the fridge late at night

On the topic of relationships,


The art and journey of friendship has truly been tested & revolutionized.

A huge shift has taken place and we have all entered a largely virtual realm of connections.

It is likely that friendships have been tested, strained, diluted, faded, transformed, constructed and reinforced during this time.

Smartphone showing multiple different virtual meetings

On the point of getting stronger, we need to also look at


As an over-exaggeration, there are 2 types of people in the world:

1. Those that started out with the motivation to get into their beach body.

2. Those that started out with the motivation to get into their beach body, and persisted.

On a slightly more serious note though, it’s been incredibly fascinating to observe ‘foreign objects’ being used as improvised weights and mechanisms.

Adding to that point is the emphasis that this pandemic has placed on looking after one’s body.

Self-care & awareness has become a widely adopted mindset which in the long term can only see to benefit our society.

Throughout quarantine and lockdown, it’s definitely been a thought on most peoples minds about whether or not society actually exists.

Towel, apple, water bottle, running shoes, headphones and smartphone on the floor neatly displayed

And because of this it only makes sense that we talk a little about


This chore has seen impressive growth in fondness towards the activity.

Being one of the few ‘legal’ activities to warrant leaving one’s home, it’s been mesmerizing to see how willing certain people are to get out of the house.

Extroverts we are looking at you!

Miniature shopping trolley on a colorful background

On the note of going-out, the current fashion trends must be mentioned


Acting on the recycling initiatives, various combinations of clothing have been compiled and worn.

If ever there was a time to see the true potential of one’s wardrobe, now would be that time.

Although the uptake in dressing fashion has been largely casual wear.

Reports have shown for some individuals to creatively build a hybrid appearance.

Smart + Casual = Smart Casual.

To all of our video conferencing users, you’ll know exactly what this means.

It goes without saying that these talented individuals have become masters in the art of smoke and mirrors.

Cupboard squares displaying multi colored scarves on shelves

On the topic of class acts though it’s only fair that we recognize the commitment of our


Memes are a staple in our daily diet.

It’s basically impossible to go through a day without getting your daily dose.

They are a mood booster and provide an essential release of hormones that make us feel good.

Given that we are living through quite a dull and somewhat depressing time at the moment we can be grateful for the meme makers.

With all the online classes that are happening nowadays, there is an endless variety of situations to make memes about.

It is fair to say that their production-line has been at an all-time peak.

The content is constantly being updated – it makes for a dynamic feed.

Related: How These Admins Run Their Successful Meme Page

Comedy spelt out with magazine cut-outs

The last point is the one about


This also seems to be one of the illusions that I cast onto myself:

‘’Now that it’s lockdown there is going to be more time to sleep.’’

And yet somehow the iconic afternoon catnap continually finds a way to evade pursuit.

Even worse are the sleeping patterns, one night is off to bed early, the next it’s pulling off an all-nighter and struggling through the new day.

I never would’ve pictured being ‘shorton time for when it came down to sleeping more.

Has anyone else been catching themselves, up at 1 am series binging or getting stuck in the YouTube trap for hours on end?

Lady watching Netflix on her smartphone


These are some interesting times that we are living through. There is a whole ocean of uncharted waters to explore.

This pandemic isn’t going to be suppressed for a fair while so we might as well work on perfecting our craft: student life during a pandemic.


What new skill have you acquired to make student life a little more manageable?

2 thoughts on “What is Student Life like During a Pandemic?”

  1. Time management and being free of stress are two things I’ve come to conquer. Not sure if those are skills, but I’m proud to overcome them . It has been very interesting times and I’ve found it hard to sleep early and wake up early ,every day is always late so I’m still working on that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah bro this lockdown lifestyle is totally different to ‘normal’ life. Glad that you’ve managed to adapt well – it’s a significant milestone! As for the sleep schedule though, you and I are both in the same boat with that one.


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